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We are Drive -Train Specialists

Beware of bargains in pacemakers, parachutes, fire extinguishers and Transmissions & Rears


Experiencing, shaking, grinding, burning, dragging, slipping, — all the warning signs of a transmission problem.  Where do you turn when you need reliable drivetrain service? E & M Machinery provides the highest quality, most cost-effective repair and maintenance for heavy-duty transmissions, drivelines, differentials and clutches.


With well over 56 years experience we are all about getting the job done right! We take pride in our work and make sure you get the best service guaranteed.


We will repair or custom build any drive shaft to your specifications.


We also do heavy duty transmission / differential repair and sell brand new Mack, Rockwell, Spicer and Fuller units, with an extensive Inventory of units and parts.


We have the equipment and extensive experience for all in house drivetrain repairs.


If you can't find what you are looking for or have any questions, call us we are happy to help!


We provide service to all heavy duty trucks, Buses, Tractors, Trailers, Cranes, Step vans & more…. Call us today to schedule an appointment for service 410-355-2110